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Life Lessons: Patience

The recovery process teaches us something new everyday. Two years into this journey still wonder: when am I going to learn patience? I’m not necessarily talking about patience in a long line at the grocery store, but patience with my own growth and development, and sometimes for life events to occur or get moving.

Below is a poem I wrote about patience over a year ago; even though those words came from my heart to the paper some time ago my goodness they still ring true for me today. Honestly who doesn’t need more patience from time to time?

Remember: Everything worth having is worth waiting for.


By: Erin Elizabeth Casey

We all want thing we don’t have
Well, I want patience

Maybe I was born with this deficiency
Maybe I developed it somewhere along the way
But typically I want things “right now – here in this moment – as good as yesterday”

Recovery is teaching me this virtue and trait
Often times saying to me:
“Erin, it’ will come, you’ll get there, you just have to wait.”

Now to give you a picture as to what this feels like in my heart
In that moment I fill with fear, as thought I will break a part
“What if it never comes today, or any day at all?”
“What if while I’m waiting I just continue to fall?”

I struggle with patience in all areas of life you see
But recovery is the most difficult because of everything that is at stake, including me

I think it comes from fear
Lack of trust too
It I can get it now
It won’t be able to escape somehow

But recovery, like so many other things is a process
That comes slowly but surely too
So sometimes, as much as it sucks we just have to grit our teeth and walk through

Walk through the anxiety of not knowing
Walk through the pain of waiting to be better
Walk through the burning to desire to get this done

And realize that…
Even if this journey has just begun
It is worth it
Even if you’ve been walking for years
It is worth it
Even if you keep tripping and falling
It is worth it
Patience is hard, scary, frustrating and anxiety ridden as well
But we must try to develop that simple yet profound trait in order to continue on and excel



My name is Erin and This is Where I Stand.