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recoveryispossibleFrom coughing, sneezing, hurting ears, upset stomachs, and exhaustion, physical illness takes a toll on more than just our physical selves, but our emotional and mental well beings too. Physical illness can be a trigger for mental and emotional  set-backs, it important that we recognize what is happening.

Recently a bad cold plagued the residents of the residential facility where I worked, and naturally I found myself with a cough, stuffed up nose, and light and spinning head before long. I also found myself exhausted physically, emotionally and mentally. I found my mood lower than typical when following my treatment plan and I began to panic. I then called my parents saying “Something is wrong! Sometime is wrong!” Hearing the illness in my voice they told me to get rest, acknowledge that I am physically ill they advised that I, treat my body well with proper nutrition and be patient until I will feel better. Skeptical and hesitant while feeling miserable and scared; I listened and today I am happy to tell you that while my body and physically self is on the mend my emotional and mental self is right along with it.

Physical illness can definitely be a trigger for a mental/emotional reaction, and being able to identify the trigger goes a long way in being able to deal with the situation.

My name is Erin and This is Where I Stand.