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New job. New co-workers. New apartment. New city. New schedule.
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It’s time to find my happy place


Personally, I think everyone needs a happy place (I have two). My first one is in the bath tub, hot steaming water, bubbles, a candle, a relatively small space and the nice smells of my body wash. For me it also helps to image myself washing away all of my frustration. Goodbye world; hello peace. My second happy place is my room. Now, any room can be my room as long as (1) I’m alone, because sometimes I just need my alone time (2) I have some sort of art to do, drawing, coloring, painting, etc OR a journal and (3) I have a blanket, because blankets give me comfort.

Knowing my happy places are huge tools for me because it helps me to know who to unwind after a particularly difficult day. What is your happy place? What do you need? If you don’t have one think about how you can create one. We all need a little extra happy.

My name is Erin and this is Where I Stand.

Email me your happy place at whereistandblog@gmail.com and I will post it on the blog to help give other people ideas!