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Sometimes in life it absolutely has to be about the little things because if not we’ll  get sucked up into our greatest fears, our biggest insecurities, our constant worries and anxieties or those little voices that tell us day after day “nope, you’re not good enough.”

Right now I am sipping peppermint tea while I listen to the crickets outside my window. It’s warm in my mouth and the taste travels up to my nose as the hot tea slips down into my belly. Ahhh, a beautiful, blissful, moment and break from my own brain. Peppermint Tea.

We can remove ourselves from a lot in life. If someone is bothering we can remove ourselves from the situation. If environmental factors are triggering, we can change ourselves from our environment. But what about our own thoughts? For me this has at times been one of my biggest stressors and so I’ve had to develop tools on the path to recovery one of these tools has been finding life, peace, serenity, and comfort in the “little” things (like peppermint tea).

Make your life special for you.
You deserve it.

(time for another cup)

My name is Erin and This is Where I Stand