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By: Erin Elizabeth Casey

I remember the day I started dancing
I was little and really we were jumping and prancing
But I also wanted to be in swimming
And do an art club too
My whole life I’ve always wanted to be better than you

It’s not that I don’t like you; I actually want to be your friend
I’m just super insecure sitting in my skin
I’m driven by this horrible dictator inside my head pushing me to win
I want to be everything and more than what is possible to be
And that way everyone will see all of that stuff instead of me

I hate admitting this; it’s embarrassing is so unattractive
But all people really see is my ability to be proactive
Which is actually destructive to my very soul
Because I’m on this quest to make myself whole
And I’m getting mixed signals and messages all the time
Like me getting anything less than an ‘A’ is a crime

I get that my former being was obsessed with the desire to impress
But now I am much more concerned for my health to progress
I still get in modes where I want to be the best at everything and more
Obsessed like it would actually give me a key to Heaven’s secret door
But you and I both know nothing of the sort is real
For it is before Christ we must kneel
And He is the one I must work for
For he alone loves me down to the core

I’m still tempted to try to be better than you
But most of the time I’d rather work together to get through
Life is not a competition to see who wins at the end
No it is a time to walk, do work, and spend time with you, my friend
It will all be done one day or night
When Jesus comes to end the fight
So I’m going to stop focusing on doing everything and more
But rather loving people straight down to their core

My name is Erin and This is Where I Stand

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