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UnknownHave you ever met a toddler that asks “Why?” seemingly every second? I’m pretty sure all of them do. In those developmental years putting actions with motivations is part of making sense of this world.

At some point though we begin to ask “Why?” a lot less. Maybe because we think we know everything, or maybe we just don’t care; both of which can become dangerous.


Here are some “why” questions for you (not all will apply to everyone):

  • Why am I making fun of a kid at school or a person I work with?
  • Why am I cutting corners to do the least amount of work possible and learn less?
  • Why am I abusing drugs and alcohol?
  • Why do I follow others who lead me into trouble?
  • Why do I need to lose weight?
  • Why is my appearance so important to me?
  • Why do feel the need to be perfect?
  • Why am I afraid of failure?
  • Why do I quit things before I finish them?
  • Why do I refuse to get help?
  • Why do I hide who I really am?

All of the questions above are hard “why” questions, and also ones we tend to avoid. They won’t all apply to everyone of course, but being afraid to examine ourselves does not change who we are; it only limits our ability to grow and change as individuals. My favorite saying is Light is stronger than darkness; and I believe it to be true, but I also know that if we choose to hide, push, deny and remain in the dark there is only so much the light can do for us.

Don’t be afraid of the dark; face it

(light is always stronger)

My name is Erin and This is Where I Stand