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“My apartment is a mess.”

My pet has been sick. Work has been stressful. My family has needed some extra attention.

“My apartment is a mess.”

“My apartment is a mess.”

The truth is I HATE when my apartment is a mess. I feel out of more control. I feel more exhausted. I feel extra nervous. I feel more stressed. But, nonetheless my apartment is a mess. Learning to “sit in” uncomfortable situations until I can deal with them or they resolve themselves has been one of the hardest parts of recovery for me. After all, I notoriously like to control everything I can; but what really helps me in these situations of sitting on my own discomfort is controlling what I can.

My apartment is a mess today.

I will make sure I get all my meals balanced. I will put some mindfulness activities in my day. I will set a date to clean my apartment.

My apartment is a mess today and that is okay.


My name is Erin and This is Where I Stand