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I will Stand for You
By: Erin
Hurting because you hurt is one type of pain
But hurting for someone you love is deep terrible strain
What can I do?
I can’t let this happen to you.
How can I help?
For you I’ll be strong; but by myself I’ll cry and yelp
For my lack of control over what you are experiencing this day
Brings me to my knees and for you I pray
Hold your comforting hand over my loved one tonight
Don’t…. please don’t let him out of your sight
Comfort him in his great pain
Tell him I’m here – and I will remain
I will do everything I can today, tomorrow and the days that come near
To make different the suffering you’ve faced more each year
Simply because you have a challenge to face
People like to make you feel like a disgrace
Enough is Enough
I don’t care who they are or how rough
No one has the right to put out your light
The beautiful light that I’ve seen shine in the midst of an endless night
You are my brother, my inspiration, and life-saver too
Always remember I will stand for you