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WIS Hand A_Fotor_handWe’ve all seen it. The girl on facebook with barely any clothes on. The selfie that just happens to angle down a woman’s shirt. The facebook status that says “No guy will ever love me.” Yep, we’ve all seen it; and it isn’t pretty. In those awkward moments of passing and glancing through facebook what do we do? Most of us grimace and move on. Maybe some of us are the ones posting those things.

Project We Are Worthy is a movement to announce to the world, ourselves and our friends (online and off) that we are worth MORE (way more) than all of that that! We are worthy of love, attention, respect, friendship, dignity and the like that does not come from indecent snapshots and/or statuses dripped with desperation.

We live in a culture today where we are constantly told we’re not worthy. We’re not worthy of love because we don’t have enough friends or we don’t wear the right clothes or we don’t have the right hair or we’re not the right height. We don’t think we are worthy because we don’t have a boyfriend or because we’ve never been kissed. We don’t think we are worthy because we don’t have what the person girl or woman next to us has.

The truth is you worth not attached to anything. It was given to you the day you were created. Not attached to a dollar amount, a weight, a number of facebook friends, or a list of boys names – no your worth is unconditional and limitless.

We Are Worthy

(let’s start acting like it.)

Share Project We Are Worthy’s Picture on your Facebook and with your friends – show them and tell them your worth.

YOU are worthy beyond measure.