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5 Things
By: Erin Elizabeth Casey

My to-do this has gotten out of control for today
I want to call it quits because there is no way for me to get it done
My worry sits in my stomach
My fear of failure replays in my brain
Before I give up on the list that seems impossible to get through
I will remind myself of these things that remain true:
You are not defined by your accomplishments or a completed goal
Rather you are who you are because of your beautiful soul
In the midst of things seemingly too difficult or tough
Remember its okay to take breaks and say “that’s enough”
Your “to-do” list in life will always grow longer with more and more to do
But the most important thing on that list is taking care of you
Life is not a competition to see who can be the best or get the most done
Life is about us following after the one and only Son
You’re list may earn you praise, compliments, and admiration
But these can lead to us trying to fill others’ unstated expectation
So when I face my insanely long to-do list today
I’m going to try not to panic as I will remember that my best is more than okay
I won’t quit on this list or on my day or on my life because of some stuff I need to do
In life – the list will never end
It is one thing after the next that we must attend
And while this would cause me distress and strife
Now that I’m in control – I see that is that just life
My first priority on that long list will always be me
And that is just the way it has to be