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Policy FolderI’m a lot smarter than people think; or maybe people think I’m a lot smarter than I really honestly am. Alas, it doesn’t really matter. What matters is in the world of Mental Healthcare Policy there is a lot of work to be done and this is something I know about.

Let’s get something straight: The brain is an organ (let’s treat it like one)

1. Insurance companies should be required by law to pay for mental healthcare treatment period.

2. Access of mental health resources and treatment needs to be made easily available to all; regardless of socioeconomic backgrounds, ages, gender, ethnicity, cultural identity, language, disability or any other distinguishing factor.

3. Education, awareness and research should take a higher priority in terms of time, money and energy spent to find treatments and prevention methods.

1 in 4 individuals has a diagnosable mental illness.

A person’s mental health affects there physical health, their ability to work, form relationships, attend school, complete independent living tasks, and their quality of life.

Mental illness is treatable.

If the heart gets sick we treat it. If the liver gets sick we treat it. If the eyes, intestines, ears, or any other organ, gets sick we don’t think twice about treating it.

Well – it’s the brain, arguably one of the most important and complex organs and when it gets sick what do we do?

What will you do?

I’m going to treat it.

My name is Erin and This is Where I Stand.