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mental health matters

Where I Stand is launching a campaign called “Mental Health Matters” to participate:

  1.  Take a picture of yourself holding a sign that says “Mental Health Matters This is Where I Stand” (or you can put “This is Where We Stand” if it’s more than one person in the picture. Email it to us at mentalhealthmatters@thisiswhereistand.com
  2. TELL us how insurance companies or lack of money has prevented you or someone you know from getting the care that you/they need. Email us at mentalhealthmatters@thisiswhereistand.com
  3. TELL us how lack of availability in your town/city/state/country has prevented you from getting the care that you/someone you know needs. Email us at mentalhealthmatters@thisiswhere.stand.com
  4. TELL the stories where doctors, family, friends, neighbors, roommates, teachers, counselors and so forth become heroes because they know mental health matters Email us at mentalhealthmatters@thisiswhereistand.com
  5. Share this event with everyone and anyone you know because Mental Health Matters. #WhereIStand.
  6. “Like” Where I Stand on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Whatdoyoustandfortoday?ref=hl and change your status to “Mental Health Matters This is Where I Stand (tagging the Where I Stand page in your status)
  7. Engage in a conversation about Mental Health and email us about it at mentalhealthmatters@thisiswhereistand.com

Below is an email we got today demonstrating the need and urgency for insurance companies to cover eating disorder treatment on a large and consistent scale. Also, for policy makers to hold this insurance companies accountable. It also demonstrates a greater need for available resources (that are not necessarily located in big cities!)

My insurance company has prevented me from getting residential care that I needed at the time. I was in treatment for an eating disorder, and my insurance company made me fly out to Chicago (I live in Massachusetts) to get an in-person evaluation and said they would cover it. I had been there for six days when they told me that they would not cover the expenses. I was eating all of my meals so the insurance company assumed I was fine, which of course, I wasn’t.

There are no resources on the North Shore of Massachusetts where I live. I would absolutely love to attend a support group, but the closest one is about an hour away and, being a college student with no job, I cannot afford the gas money right now.

My hero in my recovery has been my guidance counselor from middle school. She knows mental health matters and still supports me after eight years!

Do you have a response to today’s story? Or do you have a story of your own? Email me at mentalhealthmatters@thisiswhereistand.com

My name is Erin and this is Where I Stand.