image spontaneous circle art

What you will need:

– Watercolor paint and brushes – If you do not have these you can use markers, colored pencils, acrylic paint, or crayons.

– Watercolor paper, or journal page, really anything can be used for this project. The point of this project is to let your mind flow freely.

How it works:

It is not hard to paint spontaneously but most of us are conditioned out of our creativity as children. Early in life we are taught that if we cannot make “good art” we should not bother at all.

If you have forgotten how to paint or draw spontaneously, start with simple shapes, such as circles or squares. Concentrate on color, gesture and line and allow yourself to practice painting or drawing in a loose, free way.

Many feel reluctant to try creating and most of us can remember the exact point where we shut down our creativity as children. Expressive art is an exercise in becoming fully ourselves. Even a simple painting or drawing can express individuality, feeling, and self-empowerment.

Painting or drawing gestural circles with watercolor paint, or whatever utensil you have is an easy way to warm up and begin tasting the freedom of creative self-expression again. Expressing yourself, even through simple shapes and gestures can start stagnant creativity flowing.


The process of recovery is an awakening while the rest of the world sleeps.

An introduction into the beauty of freedom – the peace that comes from inside –

It exists in the still moments.

This is Where I Stand