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1526846_10203097045012236_767809001_nHollyn Donovan

Current City: Plano, Texas

Topics: depression, anxiety, eating disorders

I’ve grown up in a loving home with 2 married parents and a younger sister. I also have an Corgi/Australian Shepherd mix dog whom I love dearly. I was diagnosed with generalized and social anxiety disorders when I was 9 and after being bullied and attempting suicide, was diagnosed with depression when I was 12. My eating disorder developed in high school and I’ve battled it consistently for the last 3 years. Since starting DBT (dialectical behavior therapy) my life has completely changed. I feel so much more capable of handling my emotions, particularly my anxiety around food and my body. I am so thankful for a chance to work on bettering myself both physically and psychologically with DBT.
I’m currently in community college with the intent to transfer to a larger school and major in social work. I have a passion for nonprofit organizations and for changing the (currently mostly horrendous) public policies and laws regarding mental health.

Why Where I Stand?: I know well what it’s like to feel alone on my journey with mental health and I don’t want anyone else to feel alone like I did. I’m also am determined to change the view that a large amount of society holds about mental health. Why does society feel that it is okay to have a problem with any part of your body except for your brain? Mental Illnesses are just as legitimate as any other illness and I want to help other people understand that. Also, darkness only lasts for so long. Things do get better and I can personally testify to that. I want to encourage others to never give up hope and to always keep trying for a better life.

Interests/Hobbies: animals, music, special needs children and young adults, mental health awareness/advocacy, learning about different religions & Buddhism, writing, the internet, occasional art projects, and public speaking

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