recovery art heart

What you will need:

The inside plastic bag from a cereal box

Something to glue with  – Glue Sticks, White Glue, Hot Glue Gun

Something to cut with

Needle and Thread to hand stitch if you would like

Different colored paper, Different colored pens or pencils, Ribbon, Rhinestones – and any other items that you may want to use for your hearts

A binder clip or paper clip and string

How it Works:

One of the most effective techniques for releasing negativity is through Affirmations and Creative Visualization. Creative Visualization is the art of sending an image – a picture to our subconscious mind. Affirmations are word messages. Both are very powerful. Our subconscious mind creates our reality based on a number of messages we send to it.

These messages are packaged as thoughts. They are pictures, images and words that we visualize and send to our subconscious mind. Our mind then picks up this creative visualization or affirmation and begins creating what it sees. The key to understanding how creative visualization works is to first understand that our subconscious mind does not know what is real and what is not. It simply creates our reality based on the images that we visualize. So it is important to make sure that other sub-conscious messages are in alignment with our conscious visualizations and affirmations. It is also important as you begin affirming positively that you use imagery and words that have meaning for you. For it is then that we can begin to manifest our true heart’s desires and create a life filled with love, peace and true fulfillment.

For this project we are going to use regular scissors to cut heart shapes from a recycled cereal bag. Layer fabric, sheet music, patterned or colored paper and adhere it to the heart base with a glue stick. Then use craft glue to adhere rhinestones and any other decorative items you have for your heart. If you would like you can add decoration by hand stitching or machine sewing decorative stitching around the heart edges. Attach a binder clip or paper clip to the top of the heart and hang it onto a length of thick string.

Here are some examples of affirmations –

Perceive it. Believe it. Conceive it. Receive it!


Process Pain, Passion, and Purpose for Personal Power.

My thoughts are filled with pure love.

I am love and I live my life in love.

I am not alone. I am separated from all that is, only by the thoughts I choose.

I am loveable.

I am loving and kind.

I am whole and perfect, and my seeming imperfections are what make me beautiful.

I am worthy of love.

My life has purpose and meaning.

I take back my power to make the unknown, known.

I nourish myself everyday.

I give and receive love unconditionally.

If you have any questions feel free to message me and please send me pictures of the art you create! I would love to see your masterpieces!

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