Addiction and Dependency


Addiction and Mental Illness often times go hand in hand. People offen turn to substances to deal with things in their lives they don’t understand or have control over; and it just so happens that mental illness is hard to understand and impossible to get control over without understanding. Both addiction and the mental health diagnosis need to be addressed in a comprehensive treatment plan for recovery to be successful. Below are resources and information about Alcoholism and Drug Addiction. There are also some links to treatment centers. Admitting you are suffering from an alcohol or drug addiction could be immensely scary, I can relate to that fear with having to admit to my eating disorder being a problem in my life. But once you realize it and admit it you have so much more power than you did before. Looking back on my eating disorder days it’s so obvious to me that the most powerless I have ever been was when I refused to see the darkness I was sitting in. It was only in seeing it and recognizing it did I even begin to realize that the light existed. I hope these resources are helpful to you. Remember you are worthy of all the beautiful things in life.

Resources for you:

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