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ErinhopeAlong with putting on events, benefits and programs, Erin Casey also speaks openly about her experience with mental illness with audiences of all ages. Advocating self acceptance, the acceptance of others and hope to help others realize that while life is not always what we except it to be, it is still beautiful.

Below is a video of a talk Erin gave for Addison Middle School‘s 8th grade, following a play with some heavy themes.

Life is hard, for all of us. And we have choices to make. Where I Stand is about speaking out about those challenges we have and asking for help, it’s about struggling together,  rather than alone, it’s about choosing to fight for things we know are good like hope, recovery, beliefs, values, goals, and dreams rather than getting lost in the darker parts of  life. Where I Stand is a movement, that gears to ask people what they stand for, in an effort to remind people that even in the midst of challenges and trying times – there is hope is movement forward, in believing in something greater than ourselves and speaking out to say: “It’s okay to not be okay right now… we all need help sometimes.”

Other past speaking engagements:

  • North Cross High School Fall 2012 – “We’re in this together.”
  • Where I Stand Roanoke Eating Disorder Benefit Keynote Speaker “I Stand for Recovery”
  • Valley Dance Productions Junior and Senior Companies – “The truth about eating disorders.”
  • JMU Dancing with the Stars for Suicide Prevention “The Reveal”
  • JMU Dancing with the Stars Welcome and Introduction – “Why is Suicide Prevention important today?”
  • Eastern Mennonite University April 10, 2014

Do you want Erin to come speak to your organization, club, class, school, meeting or group? Fill out the form below!

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