Resources for you.


Getting help can be terrifying. I know initially admitting to someone that I needed help with my mood and my eating disorder was the scariest thing I have ever done in my life; largely because in order to admit it to someone else I had to admit it to myself. Know you are worth the help (no matter the time, energy or dollar amount that it takes). You are not a burden or hopeless (all things I believed to be true about myself in the depths of my disease). Every single person on this earth was created for a purpose and YOU are no exception. It may be hard to see it right now, but trust in the knowledge that God makes no mistakes and He made you.

It is also true that mental illness does not go away on it’s own. We cannot sit idly by and wait for the disease to disappear. Being proactive about our treatment plan is one of the best things we can do. So check out these Resource pages I’ve created. Never be afraid to ask your doctors and providers questions (after all, that’s how treatment starts) and stay tuned in to the process. YOU can be your best advocate.

Know you are enough
Erin Casey
Where I Stand Founder & President

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