Life Lines – Letters of Love


Treatment is hard work 24/7. Regardless if you are 300 miles from home living in a hospital fighting for your life, or still doing your day to day trying to hold it together – everyone needs support and encouragement during this scary and trying time. Mail was one of the most encouraging things I received during my recovery process and we want to send you letters filled with love right here from Where I Stand.

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Where I Stand decided to create a program to make sure that anyone and everyone struggling with a mental illness or substance abuse can have the opportunity to receive mail filled with encouragement, hope and love. We’re excited to introduce our newest program: Life Lines: Letters of Love.

Life Line: Letters of Love 

If you are interested in being on our Life Line team please email Erin Casey Founder and President at You can volunteer and write letters/notes right from your home (wherever you are!)

If you or someone you know wants to sign up to receive Where I Stand’s Life Line Letters of Love please fill out the contact form below. We care for each of you and are eager to offer comfort and hope during this challenging, uncertain, confusing, and often dark time. 

We are standing united for you!

** All contact information, names, treatment information and any other identifying information will remain confidential. This is just for YOU.


2 thoughts on “Life Lines – Letters of Love”

  1. Tiffany Small said:

    I want what I see in my youth leaders life

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