Creating Possibilities

possibility-happyWhat you Need:

– Watercolor Paint, Acrylic Paint, Markers, Colored Pencils, Crayons, Stamp Pads, Stamps, anything that you feel comfortable using to add color

– Collage materials – Old Books, Pictures, Scissors, Vintage Jewelry, Thrift Store Finds, Scissors for cutting and something to glue your items down with.

– Something to use as a Canvas for your piece, it can be anything you feel drawn to use – Cardboard, Canvas, Watercolor Paper, an Old Book

How it works:

As we heal our lives emotionally and psychologically, we progressively clear the way to connect to the realm of larger possibilities. These possibilities and potentialities are actually around us all of the time, but we can easily disassociate from seeing them clearly if we are struggling with emotional flooding, and the jumbled up thinking that results from inner psychological conflict.

Consider that each one of us is here as a soul in a human form to bring something essential to the web of life. It could be a specific skill, a way of caring, or particular passion for learning that we share with others.

We might not come to know our reason if we remain caught up in our psychological struggles. But inherent in our traumas, heartbreaks, and challenging life circumstances, are the strengths that we need to develop – to bring our specific gifts to the world around us. As old traumas are felt, and our life lessons are learned, we begin to see into the possibility of bringing our unique spiritual and creative gifts to life.


Creating Possibilities:

Creating a collage of possibilities is helpful to do, especially if you have been doing a great deal of heavy emotional inner work. Creating a portal into possibility is looking through the crack in the door, and peeking in at what is beyond the daily emotional and psychological material that we struggle with. You can begin by drawing or painting a portal in any way you feel called to. After you do, quiet your mind and emotions, and begin to sense into what exists beyond your personal problems.

As you set aside all of the drama that is in your life right now, allow yourself to be receptive to new ideas. Contemplate your collage materials, and be willing to be flexible and surprised about what you choose. Never worry if your imagery does not make immediate sense.

Assemble your collage inside of your painted portal. Allow your imagery, ideas, thoughts, and inklings to surprise you. You might feel excited, apprehensive, confused, or even disappointed. It is possible to even feel frightened about what you are here to give. What comes to you when you are receptive to possibilities might seem out of your realm, or feel like far more than you can handle. The feelings evoked in your collage might feel beyond your regular thoughts about your life.

Most of us spend a good part of our lives avoiding emotional pain, trying to fit into society, and trying to be more successful. Asking the big question opens up the window of possibility, which is especially needed when we are struggling with emotional heaviness. It is helpful in the process of healing old negative conditioning to have something to reach for that is outside of what we normally consider our reality. We often feel lost if we look out into the world to tell us who we are. Our heart’s path always waits to be heard behind the outer static and our inner limitations. Our heart’s answers are unique, and we may not see other examples of our particular gifts being shared in the world just yet. Possibilities are revealed when we ask ourselves these questions.


“Each person comes into this world with a specific destiny. We each have something to fulfill, some message to be delivered, some work to be completed. You are not here accidentally. You are here meaningfully. There is a purpose behind you.”




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