Healing Symbols

healing sym- dawn

What you will need:

– Black paper

– White colored pencil or crayon

– Oil or Watercolor pastels

How it works:

When we are imbalanced emotionally, mentally, or physically, we are operating from hidden emotional and mental patterns from the past. Because it takes great effort to change from habitual, more constricted states of mind, body and feeling, it is helpful to set a firm intention to heal. Intending to heal draws forth the insights and resources needed to heal. Drawing patterns of light emerging from black paper in a mandala format offers a process of discovering the inherent patterns of light and wholeness that are trying to come through into your conscious awareness right now.

Drawing the healing light in whatever symbolic form it wants to take, as it emerges from the darkness of the unconscious mind, is as one way to discover how to heal emotional, mental, or physical imbalances.

We can approach the mandala or healing symbol making process as a way to activate the latent healing powers of our mind to generate our own symbols for healing. As we allow our inner symbols of healing to emerge from our unconscious mind into tangible form we strengthen our will to heal.

Through our personal symbols we will see that something good and true wants to unfold from within us. The inner symbol that we can see and create on the outside becomes more real to our conscious mind when we draw it in visual form. This outer vision of our inner vision helps to amplify our focus and intention in a healing direction.

Mandalas have long been a method of facilitating the healing of psychological fragmentation. Drawing in a sacred circle format helps to make the invisible world of intuition visible, and can help us express larger patterns of reality that we might not be able to see in any other way.

Drawing a mandala with a healing intention helps to reveal the unity between our human selves and the cosmos. It helps us to understand how our life is connected to the whole. Mandalas for healing can give form to intuitive insight and spiritual truths that we could not be able to see otherwise.

~ Before you begin sit quietly or play some soothing music and remember to breathe –

~ Refrain from a constructing a symbol intellectually – relax and allow it to come to you

~ whatever the symbol revealed to you may be accept it

~ begin by tracing a circle on black paper with a white pencil or crayon.

~ without thinking, allow your hand to begin to spontaneously draw. Allow your symbol to change if it needs to as you draw. You might have an inkling of a visualization of your healing symbols before you start, but as you draw more will be revealed.

~ If you would like to add color to your symbol it can be added onto the white designs. Oil and watercolor pastels work well for this.

If you would like to share your personal symbols with me or the greater Where I Stand community email them to me at ourbeautifulbrain@thisiswhereistand.com!

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