Meet our Artist!

Dawn Sachleben


Art saved my life….

When I first entered into recovery not only was I afraid to explain what went on in my head, I didn’t know how. I couldn’t figure out the words to be able to express how I felt. I felt as if I was alone that no one could ever understand what I had done to myself for years and why I had done those things. I knew I needed help but didn’t know how to express how sick I really was. Art had always been something I loved to do but at this point I had traveled to such a dark place I had given it up. I would go to my outpatient therapist and sometimes just sit there and cry unable to say anything. Luckily I had a therapist that was extremely patient and continued to work with me. She would continue to ask me questions to which she eventually would get some type of answer. Then one day she asked “what was something I loved to do but don’t do anymore?” I replied I used to be an artist. I could see a light bulb go on in her eyes. Little did I know that by answering this question that my Art would play such a huge role in my recovery, that it would allow me to get the emotions and feelings out in my own way, that the splatters of paint, words scribbled out with sharpie, chaotic collages that became a spontaneous reaction to any sort of feeling would became my voice. My art was the push I needed to be able to find the confidence and the words to express my thoughts. It helped me work through things I never thought I could. It saved my life, and I truly believe Art can help others find their voices too. That is why I am so passionate about Our Beautiful Brain, you don’t have to be an artist to create art – it comes from allowing emotions and feelings to speak for you on paper.

483995_10202856389950083_959395002_n-1You will probably also find Dawn in other areas of Where I Stand as she is passionate about spreading awareness and reducing the stigma associated with mental health. She helps moderate the Purple Fighters group, a confidential online support group run by Where I Stand and is a guest blogger, as well as a member of the lifeline team!

You can email Dawn at


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