About Where I Stand

Our mission is to work for the prevention and  intervention of mental illness through education, awareness, and research.

Where I Stand is unique in that is focuses on prevention of mental illness, such as eating disorders, depression, mood disorders, substance abuse, addiction and anxiety through awareness, education and research. This is fundamental to our organization because preventative mental health planning can avoid the potentially fatal consequences and monumental costs associated with the development of severe mental illness.

Life is hard, for all of us. And we have choices to make. Where I Stand is about speaking out about those challenges we have and asking for help, it’s about struggling together,  rather than alone, it’s about choosing to fight for things we know are good like hope, recovery, beliefs, values, goals, and dreams rather than getting lost in the darker parts of  life. Where I Stand is a movement, that gears to ask people what they stand for, in an effort to remind people that even in the midst of challenges and trying times – there is hope in movement forward, in believing in something greater than ourselves and speaking out to say: “It’s okay to not be okay right now… we all need help sometimes.”

Prevention through education, awareness and research.

Where I Stand was Founded by Erin Casey, of Roanoke Virginia in 2012 as she entered her own recovery and relearned how to live her life dealing with the challenges that come with mental illness. Learn more about Erin’s story and vision here.

Where I Stand has touched the lives of people all over the world; through it’s blog, art initiative, support groups, events and programming.

  • We currently have 6 bloggers that write about their personal and professional experiences dealing with mental health in daily living.
  • We run a lifelines program which is aimed at sending encouraging mail directly to people who are struggling.
  • Dawn Sachleben, our artist, and also group moderator provides the framework for our program Our Beautiful Brain, which is an initiative to inspire hope and healing through art. Click here for more information.
  • We run two support groups currently The Purple Fighters (for eating disorder recovery) and Defeating Depression (for dealing and coping with depression from day to day). These groups and recovery focused and moderated closely. For more information on how to join click “get support” on the top menu.
  • Erin Casey, President and Founder of Where I Stand also speaks publicly about her experiences with mental illness, recovery, resiliency, self-acceptance and self worth to audiences of all ages. If you are interested in having Erin come speak at your school, organization or event please email her directly at erin@thisiswhereistand.com
  • Where I Stand now offers a line of inspirational jewelry available on our website.

In the future Where I Stand hopes to work more within schools and K-12 education to change the way that our society talks, thinking and reacts to mental health. The truth is that everyone has mental health. Everyone has a brain. It’s time we start acting like it.


Hope Heals


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