Spontaneous Collage


What you will need:

– Vintage thrift store books, Scraps of Paper, Stickers, Old Jewelry, Ribbon, anything that you think would add to your collage

– Paper, Cardboard, Canvas, or a Journal Page

– A Cutting Device

– Something to Glue Things Down With – I often use Mod Podge over the top of my collages to seal them. If you would like to try this paint it on with a brush – I promise it will dry clear.

 How it Works:

– It is intriguing to use old books and found items for a collage. I often buy old books and not so ordinary items at thrift shops and then let my imagination run wild, unusual imagery sparks poetic collages.

– Put together a quick spontaneous collage using imagery that intrigues and mystifies you. Allow yourself to put together a collage that makes no logical sense.

– Scan your books for words or phrases that intrigue you. Or you can randomly open a page in a book and pick words or phrases that strike you on an emotional level.

– Allow your collage and words to take poetic leaps and to not make immediate sense to your everyday mind. Take a few minutes to reflect on the wordless feelings that your poetic collage invokes.

– Remember to have fun and to not be afraid to let go!



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