Dancing with the Stars of JMU for Suicide Prevention April 10th 2013 Wilson Auditorium 7pm James Madison University

1 in 4

1 in 4 young adults suffer with mental health issues. That is the statistic that we used to JMU dancing with the Stars and that is what all of our stars, dancers and speakers got on stage for April 10th

#Suicide Prevention


Tickets for JMU Dancing with the Stars!

Spreading Melissa's #hopestrong movement through the JMU campus!

Spreading Melissa’s #hopestrong movement through the JMU campus!


Where I Stand Roanoke – Eating Disorder Benefit

October 27th 2012

Andrew Lewis Auditorium


You are enough


First – we are raised awareness. Empowering ourselves and each other to realize that it’s not only okay to be different – but healthy. Next  we educated people on what this illness is to release shame, so those who struggle need not hide in secret but are able to ask for help. We also raised money to help fight this disorder with treatment for those who need it. But most importantly this event was created to radiate hope – that prevention is possible and recovery is reachable. HOPE is where the heart is.

Where I Stand

The Finale of Where I Stand Roanoke for Eating Disorders!

That is Where I Stand Roanoke Valley.

3 Dance Studios. Valley Dance Productions. Southwest Virginia Ballet and Halestone Dance Studio will preform throughout the evening as speakers with varying experiences break the silence and share with you the Hope that is in recovery.

Andrew Lewis Middle School, Auditorium

616 South College Avenue

Salem, Virginia

Saturday October 27th 2012


Tickets $10

where i stand 2

Speakers and Dancers onstage for the finale of Where I Stand to show everyone that there is so much to stand for in life!

Would you like Erin Casey and Natalie Ball to come speak to your club, organization, school, group or team?

Contact them today at

Click the link below to see a talk Erin has given:

8th Grade Talk with Addison Middle School Roanoke Virginia.


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