Defeating Depression Group

Fight for recovery

Where I Stand
Defeating Depression Group

Depression is not a death sentence. It can be coped with and those that struggle with depression can live full and productive lives. The Defeating Depression Group run by Where I Stand is a group focused on positive support, community and understanding when it comes to coping with the depressive symptoms of living with depression.

This group is for people who are actively seeking ways to climb out of the darkness and back into the light of light because we all know that recovery takes a lot of work.

Each week  a recovery challenge and coping skill will be posted as will a weekly “check in”. These are opportunities for each of you to push yourselves in recovery and celebrate your successes as well as talk about challenges recieve support, hope & encouragement from people who understand what you’re going through.

Rules & Guidelines:

  • No specific self-harm details.
  • No medication or treatment details (different things work differently for everyone)
  • This is not a group to seek medical advice from.
  • If you feel triggered by someone or feel your recovery is threatened by someone/something in the group send a facebook message to one of the groups moderators.
  • Before you post ask yourself: is this helpful, hopeful, or supportive to myself or someone else? Will this potentially hurt myself or someone else in the group? If so please refrain from posting in the group but instead send a private message to one of the group moderators.

If you wish to participate in the group please fill out the form below:

** All information will remain confidential of only be used in emergency situations (i.e. if you post in the group about harming yourself or someone else)

Space is limited.
You will be notified if you have been accepted into the group and when the group is going to officially begin.

Where I Stand Imprint Hand

I have so much hope for you

Erin Casey,
President and Founder
Where I Stand

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